Designed and manufactured for durability, our locker systems offer long-life solutions for the cloakroom, changing and corridor areas. Doors can be specified in the same solid grade laminate as the washroom furniture to create stunning design themes throughout your project.


Changing Room Lockers specification


1775mm high x 300mm – 450mm wide x 300mm – 500mm deep with tiers 1-6

Specification Options

Challenger Lockers:

Dry Area: Mild steel construction with powder coated finish/10mm Solid Grade Laminate doors

Wet Area: Anodised aluminium construction/ 10mm Solid Grade Laminate doors

Challenger+ Lockers:

Wet Area/Heavy Duty: Full 13mm solid grade laminate construction / 13mm Solid Grade Laminate doors


Key Locks
Hasp & Staple locks (for padlocks)
Coin return locks
Combination Locks
PPC Steel plinth stands
Sloping Tops
Engraved door numbering