Complete design, supply & installation of Commercial & Education washroom projects

Our project process
One complete package with one responsible team

Our mission is to remove supplier – installer conflict by creating a precision flow. We do this by taking responsibility for each project from the earliest stages and keeping our clients informed at every stage of our process.

Step One Project consultancy

This stage of the process starts at the moment an enquiry is received – we are not just an automatic pricing body so each enquiry is rigorously checked to make sure we are the right company to meet your requirements.

Our interest at this stage is to offer you a product that we know will satisy your clients specification, successfully integrate with other products and be suited to the given environment.

With our experience in the industry we are able collaborate successfully with our clients adding value to their washroom projects, helping them to meet their clients aspirations and ultimately giving them the competitive advantage to win new contracts.

Step Two Survey & design

We recognise that a job well planned is a job half done, so therefore give special attention to the area of survey and design following the simple steps outlined below

1. Approval drawings/order confirmation – these are issued to ensure all parties are happy with the overall scope of the project at hand and we have a datum point to work from.

2. Site Survey – this is a standard on each project as it is an invaluable point of contact that pre-empts successful collaboration with related trades.

3. Final Sign-off – drawings are issued complete with all site dimensions and any specific amendments for final sign-off prior to manufacture.

4. Production Drawings – our complete set of production drawings are copied to our clients for use in ‘setting out’ activities by other trades.

Step Three Manufacture

Our final production drawings are the green light for the Dunhams manufacturing team to put their expertise into action.

With over 45 years manufacturing excellence,  latest machining technology and advanced manufacturing methods, this is worked on a ‘just in time’ basis to ensure flexibility around your project timeline.

As a subsidiary company to Dunhams Washrooms, we work from the same premises and have the distinct advantage of daily meetings with the manufacturing team and access to real-time delivery schedules meaning that we can give our clients accurate ‘start on site’ dates with confidence.

Step Four Installation

Committed to setting professional standards and safe working practices, our washroom system installers are selected through a rigorous evaluation process to ensure we can depend on them to responsibly get your job done with no fuss.

We are very aware of the changes that can take place on projects so we select teams who are professional and fluid in their approach to these challenges and will go the extra mile to solve them.

Each washroom installation is reviewed by our contracts team and the installers compared against our key personality traits to check that they are demonstrating a professional, hard-working and responsible attitude.

Step Five Maintenance

We don’t drop ownership of our projects once we are finished on site.

As a subsidiary company of Dunhams Washrooms, we have a reputation to uphold. With every project we offer a 12 month maintenance visit to check the washroom systems, be it toilet cubicles, vanity units, IPS duct panels or another quality product. We will also ensure the correct maintenance procedures are being followed for each washroom system.

Should any additional advice be required we are always on call and ready to help out in maintaining our products to the highest standards.