17th March 2021 by Cube Admin

We’re not just Cubicle Installers…


At Cube we welcome client feedback and are continually expanding our project offering to support main contractors in their aim to reduce onsite installation and project lead times.

We provide Changing Room Lockers and Benches in a variety of options as a combined package along with our washroom product offering of WC Cubicles and IPS panelling etc.

Our complete washroom system also includes   Solid Surface Washtroughs, Stainless Steel Washtroughs, and Solid Surface Vanity Tops required on the project.

Additional washroom accessories such as toilet roll holders, soap dispensers, hand towel dispensers can also be included along with the supply and install of extra hardware like hinged and regular grab rails completing the ambulant cubicles and disabled toilets to meet building regulations.

We firmly believe in making things as easy as possible for both Architects and Contractors, therefore these joint packages significantly save specification, design, management and on-site time.

They also ensure a competitive price and overcome the challenges of coordinating the colours, design and installation that occur when the trades are subcontracted out as separate packages.

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