Project Specification


This office building is situated on the recently developed north site of Pinewood Studios and has 10 washrooms located over 3 floors.  The home of the British film industry, Pinewood Studios have invested in this building as part of a large development to meet the increasing demand for film producing facilities in the UK.

The possession of other washroom facilities around the site meant that the client was concerned that a consistent appearance was produced and maintained.  Through supplying product samples and sourcing non-standard laminates we successfully accomplished this with select finishes, applied to our Base cubicle system.


With the project handover taking place in early 2017 deadlines were ever critical so with only 3 weeks from receipt of the order to the first phase of installation being required, we had to work closely with the site team and our production team to get site surveys completed and drawings signed off ready for manufacture.


The large quantities of full height IPS duct panelling which conceal risers to the rear of the vanity units as well as the wc’s were all supplied in our duct panelling system.  This system is pre-grooved with fixings enabling the units to be easily installed by Cube fitters onsite in modules thus minimising labour presence on site and greatly reducing the amount of time spent in each area.

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