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Vandal Resistant Toilet Cubicle Fittings


Why satin anodised aluminium cubicle fittings?


Besides privacy, one of the main aims of the Hive® Privacy system was to provide an Anti Vandal Toilet Cubicle system, as required in the DfE Technical Annex 2A: Sanitaryware (3.2.1d) – “Fittings shall be anti-rust and vandal proof”. That’s why all our fittings are manufactured from Satin Anodised Aluminium, and installed using high security, anti-vandal fixings.

We’ve made sure there’s no risk of frequently snapped locks and broken hinges with the Hive cubicle system . Aluminium fittings are tough enough but the anodizing process makes the material even stronger creating a surface that is three times harder than standard aluminium making the fittings extremely vandal resistant.

The anodised aluminium material also has several other benefits making it far superior to plastic and other alternative cubicle fittings materials:

It is corrosion & abrasion resistant – with its high traffic and often wet environment, these rust resistant toilet cubicle fittings are a must for school washrooms.

It is sealed with a highly impermeable anodic layer – With the consistent use and frequent cleaning in School Toilet areas, the fittings are guaranteed to maintain their finish even after severe temperature fluctuations.

It prevents the cubicle fittings from tarnishing – anodizing aluminium leaves it with an extremely consistent satin lustre like appearance this reduces the risk of colour fading and ensuring the toilet cubicle locks and hinges will  maintain their authentic metallic sheen and feel.

Its smooth satin finish makes it fingerprint resistant – metal surfaces in schools tend to soon become smudged with fingerprints, but the smooth matt finish of anodized aluminium fittings maintains its satin like finish even after plenty of fingering.

It also helps to keep our planet green: the fittings are certainly environmentally friendly as Anodized Aluminium is 100% recyclable. The material also doesn’t require an environmentally sensitive pre-treatment, unlike chromating which is required for polished chrome finishes and the anodizing process does not produce any CO2 or solvent emissions.


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