19th November 2020 by Cube Admin

United Against Bullying



How can we help the fight? as washroom designers, installers, subcontractors it may sound like an abstract topic but with our expertise in providing School Washrooms to new build schools and education facilities across the UK we understand how bullying can be prevented before the school is even built.

School Washrooms can often become a hotspot for bullying and anti-social behavior, in recent years its been a growing concern with many government and education committees.

With anti-finger trap hinges as standard specification requirement in school washrooms, they have often been mis-used as smartphones are being pushed through the gaps to take photos of the users inside, exploiting their privacy.

With an existence to enhance user privacy in washrooms this issue led to the development of Hive – a modular washroom design complete with  anti-finger trap and smartphone blocker offering a safe, hygienic and fully sealed environment, keeping pupils privacy totally secure.

And with its simple modular construction, adaptable enough to fill any space, when it comes to educational washrooms – we’re the perfect fit

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