8th May 2017 by Jack Teare

Full-Height Toilet Cubicles For Schools

The last few years have seen a steep climb in the requirement for toilet cubicles with more privacy.  Largely driven by the increasing number of unisex school washrooms, the call for full-height school toilet cubicles is at an all-time high.

As manufacturers of toilet cubicles, we have seen the trend spreading across secondary school toilets, college washrooms and university washrooms so we have been developing our Altitude full-height toilet cubicle systems accordingly.

The Altitude SGL, a full-height toilet cubicle system boasts solid grade laminate panels, aluminium cubicle fittings and maximum privacy for all ages.  A robust cubicle system carrying our standard guarantee, it is suitable for the most demanding areas from high school toilets to public washrooms.

Whether you are working on a school toilet refurbishment or a new-build project with a requirement for toilet cubicles, we will be glad to offer our assistance as designers, suppliers and installers of toilet cubicles and washroom panel products.

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