29th April 2021 by Cube Admin

Full Height Cubicles for Kent Secondary School



The School of Science and Technology Maidstone was a new build Education project with washroom requirements of toilet cubicles, IPS duct panels and washtrough vanity units for the open plan school washroom areas.

The project specification required for extra measures to be taken to ensure the washrooms took action against vandalism and anti-social phone usage which is one of our specialist areas.

The Hive floor to ceiling cubicle range was the ideal solution for the school toilet areas – providing maximum privacy and meeting the anti-phone and anti-vandalism requirements in the DfE brief for new build school projects.

Hive was designed with the students in mind which makes it the sought after solution for school and academy trusts throughout the UK.

The system is not just about meeting the Department for Education regulations, the unique features of this anti-phone and anti-vandal privacy washroom range have huge impact in making the washrooms a safe and secure place for students.

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