12th May 2020 by Cube Admin

Comparing Cubicle Quotations


From our experience in the washroom industry, we understand that WC Cubicle package quote comparisons can present quite some challenge even to some of the most experienced contractors.

In this publication we have collated the common options and differences in a clear format so you can ensure you are comparing products which are like for like and therefore securing the best value package in line with the projects K32 specification and your clients requirements.

For a simple comparison checklist, please Click Here download or read below for points to look out for when comparing cubicle quotations:

Points to look out for when comparing cubicle quotations:

Cubicle Height – does this match with the specification and drawings?

  • Std height cubicles will generally be 2100mm or under.
  • Full height cubicles or ceiling height cubicles will generally range between 2100mm and 2700mm (be sure that quotes allow for the correct height as 100mm extra in height can make a big difference in cost).
  • The amount of floor clearance allowed can also vary so this is another detail to look out for which can also have a big cost impact.

Material – does this match with the specification?

  • SGL, HPL & MFC are the common materials used for toilet cubicles and washroom panelling.
  • MFC is a very low cost material and in turn will generally only offer a short term solution, this material should only be considered in very low usage areas.
  • HPL is a medium range material manufactured from a MDF or chipboard core over-laminated with a 0.8mm laminate finish,  whilst it offers greater durability than MFC, it is not recommended for high usage washrooms as any damage to the laminate face or edgings can expose the vulnerable core.
  • SGL is also known as Compact Grade Laminate, and is a solid resin-based material that offers great durability for Wet and High Traffic Washrooms and Shower Cubicles.

IPS/ Ducts/ Wall Panelling?

  • The square meterage of panelling will have the greatest impact on price, so it is essential to cross check this between quotes.
  • Other costly items are lids and return panels so these should also be cross checked.
  • IPS ducts and wall panelling will also need a framework to fix to – this should be included within the quotations.

Vanity Tops:

  • Different designs and materials used in the construction of vanity units can create large cost differences.
  • When comparing quotes make sure that Vanity Top costs have been included and they have been priced to the correct specification.
  • Handwash troughs may also be required on the project – these maybe provided by the cubicle manufacturer or the M&E contractor, either way it should be checked that they are like for like on any comparison.

Installation allowances:

  • Number of deliveries – larger projects will generally require more than 1nr of deliveries, ensure that delivery allowances are included.
  • Number of visits – larger projects will generally require at least 2 visits comprising of a 1st and 2nd fix which can incur extra cost.
  • Panel Cut-outs – these are the apertures formed in panels for sanitaryware etc… ensure that quotations allow for the correct quantities.

Should you have any queries regarding the above or any comparisons you are working on please give us a call and our team will work with you to ensure you receive best value on your project. | 01692 632000